Customer-focused control,
dealership-wide development

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"Navigator is the most advanced and seamless DMS available"

"It turns your dealerships into an online sales powerhouse. Everything is enabled online, from up-to-the-minute vehicle displays, to booking customer reservations, to accepting deposits, taking full payments and processing the entire order from start to finish.

“With Navigator, dealerships become an online, 24/7 global sales front end.”

“The flexibility is there to do anything…to see exactly where the profit is being made…  We have a much better handle on the figures. And I can put my hand on my heart and say it was only a matter of days before it felt like we’d been using it for months.”

Andrew Grimes, RGR Garages

Navigator DMS

Navigator is the leading edge DMS that gives business-wide control and in-depth data analysis quickly and simply, enabling the entire dealership to focus on the customer. Integrating every department and site, Navigator brings your data to life for greater control, better customer communications and dealership-wide business development.

A trusted, manufacturer-approved DMS that delivers value and remains cost-effective with a through-life fixed-price agreement.

A motor trade pedigree like no other. Decades of coal-face motor trade experience, actually running dealerships as well as delivering DMS systems across the UK. We’ve been where you are, so Navigator meets the challenges we’ve all faced in the motor industry; in tune with dealers’ needs, anticipating customers’ demands.

Accessible, Functional, Flexible

Imagine the benefits of a Navigator DMS

Imagine: all your business functions; all your databases; all your actions; all your sales; all your after-sales; all your customers; all together in one system.

Then imagine the increased productivity; better marketing; healthier bottom line.

Now imagine your customers’ happy faces because you’re serving them better.

Small cost, big payback

Designed for your dealership

No two dealerships are the same.  Why be forced to change the way you work just to suit your DMS? Don’t. Navigator delivers marketing-focused control with Microsoft technology across all large dealership groups and solus traders.

Richardson Ford sales manager, Stuart Clark, cites the transparency in the profitability of a car sale that Navigator delivers as helping drive the company forward.  “We have massive objectives so the quicker we can get qualified leads into the sales team, the better.”

Stuart Clark, Richardson Ford