30 Years of DMS: Navigating the Future

Simon’s first ever DMS install was with the “Modems” dealer management system, which we covered in Part 1, back in March 1986. But the Navigator DMS we offer now is a totally different beast.

In fact, today’s Navigator DMS is completely different to the first version we launched in 1997. In this third and final part of our 30 Years of DMS series, we’re looking at how Navigator has evolved.

Less space, less cost

Years of innovation and refinement have made Navigator much easier to learn and use. It’s so easy, our Navigator deployments and training times have been cut by a third. And yes, we’ve passed that saving on to customers!

Another key evolution has been the removal of traditional on-site servers. Dealers using Navigator don’t need to buy a server. And that means even lower implementation and running costs. The cost-per-system of running Navigator off a centralised data centre is much lower than supplying, supporting and continuously upgrading an on-site server solution.

The Navigator data-centre also makes it easy for remote workers, and for remote locations, to access the DMS. Dealerships don’t need to invest in expensive, dedicated communications links anymore.

The end result is that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a Navigator system in 2016 is less than 60% of the cost in 1997. And that’s pound for pound, without taking inflation into account!

All rolled up in a single, easy interface

In 1986, the DMS was probably the only computer system a dealership would use. Today Navigator does lots of useful things – storing customer data, accounts, stock info, processing point of sale invoicing, and more – but most dealership are using other software too.

They have their own website to run. They might use other commercial sites like AutoTrader. And they probably use other specialist systems from their franchise partners, finance companies, VHC systems and so on.

Navigator is already well developed to integrate and support these – working directly with these systems to provide a cohesive user experience.

Dealers also need to use their data in lots of unique ways, especially in reporting. Navigator supports linking directly with third-party products such as Excel. This allows for customised dashboards, DOCs, and analysis reports to be easily generated. Dealership data manipulation will increase over the coming years, as dealers seek to develop, analyse and monetise their unique selling points (USP’s).

Ushering in the next generation

The next generation of DMS users will have grown up with access to digital information across many devices: from laptops, tablets and smartphones, to newer devices like smart watches.

In the future, Navigator will be available across all these platforms. You’ll be able to enter and retrieve date anywhere, on any device. The motor trade keeps evolving too, and DMS systems need to keep up with dealerships’ needs. Thanks to Navigator’s automatic system updates, which dealerships receive for no extra cost, Navigator dealerships can always stay with the curve. If you’re a Navigator customer, you always have the most modern DMS version.

Finally, Navigator has been developing the use of online training and consultancy for the past few years. Navigator customers can now access live and recorded training sessions, in addition to our in-person training, either on-site or at Navigator HQ in Sheffield. This latest innovation helps make sure dealership have the skills they need for the future.

As we’ve seen, Navigator has led the field over the past 30 years. We’ve no idea what Navigator will look like in 2046 – but we’re excited to find out!


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