DMS Navigator targets Ford dealer network: interfaces programme on track to lift supplier into ‘Premier League’

DMS Navigator has issued a clear statement of intent to enter the Premier League of systems suppliers by becoming a certified Ford main dealer supplier within 18 months, to qualify for Ford’s ruling that by 2019 dealers can only install certified DMS systems.

With plans to build on its existing Ford retail user base, DMS Navigator MD Simon Verona says the company is investing heavily in a full Ford interface development programme to achieve certification, with five of the ten compulsory interfaces already completed and two more underway.

Motivated by Ford’s announcement that its main dealers must use only certified systems by 2019, DMS Navigator MD Simon Verona explains:“Our user base is growing and the number of multi-site franchises using Navigator has expanded, so it’s time for us to join the big boys and Ford certification is the gateway to the next stage of our development.  We have to be amongst that select group of certified suppliers from which Ford main and retail dealer can choose.

“So we have committed a major investment in achieving the requisite interfaces and we’re working with Ford’s German technical team to finalise a full suite of interfaces by late 2016.  Ford  has told us there are ten ‘must have’ interfaces and others that are recommended, so we are almost 70% of the way there with the compulsory interfaces.  That will set us on track to be in Ford’s Premier League by the 2019 cut-off, after which Ford dealers can only install certified DMS systems.

“Of course, we are talking now to main and retail dealers who will be investing in a new DMS before 2019, especially the ones faced with the decision whether to re-invest in CDK now they know that CDK’s Autoline product used by a number of Ford dealers is no longer the latest offering from CDK.

“We know dealers’ decisions will be based not only on technical ability and functionality, but also on cost benefits and return on investment.  This is why we are ensuring that DMS Navigator will be far more cost-effective than our main rivals, including CDK and Pinewood,” says Verona.

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