MG Restoration Part 13: Over the Finish Line

Here we are at Month 13 of our MG TC restoration blog – unlucky for some, but obviously not for our man Norman – and he’s only bloody finished it.

Just over a year ago the 67-year-old classic British car was a rusty, dusty mess, locked up and forgotten in an old shed. Not any more.

As you’re about to see in the final part of our story, the finished car looks FANTASTIC. Here’s what happened.

2 May: The start of the final stretch

As you’ll remember from last time, at the end of April the car was in good shape but missing some finishing touches. Here it is on 2nd May, ready for the final part of its journey back to greatness.

7 May: Fitting the tyre panels

A few days later, the TC’s looks took another leap forward. “This is the trial run to get all tyre panels aligned,” says Norman. “When fully built it will be taken apart, painted and re-assembled.”

12 May: Floorboards in car – not anymore, anyway. Norman did have a long day getting the floorboards in though.

“The shape isn't correct and they won't go down fully because the corners are getting in the way,” he says. “Also the holes are drilled in the wrong place. Drill new holes. I've struggled all day with the floor, mainly because, apart from me being stupid, they aren't the correct shape and the holes were in the wrong place.” Norman’s way too hard on himself.

13 May: Busy at the body shop

On the 13th, Norman arrived at the body shop to find they’d been working hard on the TC. Body shop man Maurice had finished the apron, running boards, fuel tank straps, battery cover and rear number plate backing.

The wings, headlight mountings and various panels were also done.

14 May: Ready for painting

“After 13 months of very hard work I can't get used to the idea that it will (should) be finished in 10-14 days’ time,” says Norman.

19 May: “Shiny enough for me”

The TC’s first paint job took a bit longer than expected, but it certainly looked good after a few coats of rubbed-down primer and many more of shiny black cellulose.


20 May: Seats and carpets

“My target for today was to fit the rubber cover on the gear box and get the carpets in,” says Norman, who arrived at the body shop at 7.50am. But he far exceeded that target, fitting the side trims, beading and seats as well.


21 May: Rear trim in

“Started work at 7.45am, drilled a hole in the bottom of the battery box and ran a pair of wires from the battery box to under the dash for the Ctek battery conditioner to be plugged in,” says Norman. “I then set about cutting and gluing the rear vinyl trim in.”

He’s on a roll now, isn’t he?


23 May: Dash refitted

Not much more to say – it’s beautiful!

25 May: Wings on, almost ready for takeoff

After a day off for health reasons, Norman returned to the body shop on the 25th to find “Magician” Maurice had made incredible progress.

“This is how I found it this morning,” says Norman.


And after a day of Norman and Maurice working together to fit the running boards, piping and rear wings, it looked even further along.

27 May: One last bit of drama

“To say I'm furious is a huge understatement,” says Norman. “I'm at least ten levels above furious.”

The problem is the side and rear lamps Norman bought from Moss, at around £120 each. “I ran the rear loom into the O/S rear lamp. Temporarily connected the wires and the side light flickered and went out.”

“They would be complete and utter garbage if they were only a fiver.” A long fix later, they looked like this:


28 May: Back on the road

A day later, with only a few bits to finish off, the MG TC was done. And what a stunner it is.

Congratulations to Norman for a job brilliantly done, and thanks to everyone who’s followed his journey. Enjoy the photos below.

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