Navigator Phone

Navigator Phone – higher levels of customer communication with a far lower cost.

If people are the heart of a dealership the DMS is the brain. So it makes sense to connect them via the most sophisticated communications system – which is why Navigator is launching an integrated phone system that links your DMS directly with your phone system. It makes perfect sense and delivers huge savings.

Navigator Phone system takes customer communications to another level.

Customer details ready when they call for improved customer contact

Because Navigator Phone is fully-integrated with your DMS, it gives staff full knowledge of the exact status of the client relationship (and the reason for their call) at their fingertips.

When a customer calls, the phone brings up their files for fast reference, giving your staff up-to-the-minute information on the status of every job for every call.

Vastly improved customer contact is thanks to the easy-to-use web interface.

Sophisticated comms in a simple phone

The Navigator Phone comes with the capability you need, including touchscreen call recording, auto attendant, hot desking and home working.

And it’s ideal for multi-site dealerships, connecting branch offices with everyone sharing the same directories.

Reducing phone costs dealership-wide

With no extra hardware or lines, no system rental and no call charges, Navigator Phone can slash costs by up to 50% on traditional non-integrated phone systems. Not least because there are no call charges ever with Navigator Phone.

Navigator Phone is a hosted switchboard, operating via internet connections to your existing lines. So there is no installation cost and no switchboard. Just a 360° comms package linking your DMS and phone systems to deliver a higher standard of customer interaction.

And no call charges. Ever.

Putting phones into the cloud

It’s a hosted system, just like the Navigator DMS, so the phones themselves are the only on-site hardware.

Like the Navigator DMS, it’s a cloud-based system, so it’s fully secured and always there.

And like the Navigator DMS, the Navigator Phone pinpoints improvements to customer service, monitoring and managing calls and checking calls are not being lost – all via the easy-to-use web interface.

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