“We will beat CDK on price” vows DMS Navigator’s Simon Verona

DMS Navigator MD, Simon Verona, has issued a price promise to Renault dealers forced to seek a new dealer management system (DMS) following CDK’s launch of the new Drive package. He says Renault dealers will be able to install Navigator at a fraction of Drive’s reported installation and running costs.

Verona Said:  “Renault dealers are doubly upset.  Firstly they are being forced to switch from Autoline, the system in which they have already invested, and secondly many are baulking at the cost of upgrading to CDK’s Drive.  This is forcing them to search the market for the best, most cost-effective DMS.

“So DMS Navigator’s promise to Renault dealers is this: we are seeing quotes from CDK of £116 per user, per month.  We will easily beat that and we will offer all the integration a Renault dealer requires.  Navigator will also come with free upgrades for life.

“Integration-wise we are neck-and-neck with CDK, but in terms of flexibility and price we feel we are a serious contender.

“This triple price promise is in line with Navigator’s normal price point; it’s just that having seen how high CDK is quoting other retail groups we know we can easily offer better value to those Renault dealers now searching for a new DMS.

“We already have Navigator installed across various Renault outlets, including two sites at Manchetts, the Cambridgeshire Renault dealer.  Now, as many Renault dealers face the decision about either paying to move across to CDK’s new system or looking at the serious alternatives, we feel it is time to highlight the economic advantages of Navigator, not just the functionality.”

If you’d like to know more about Navigator, CLICK HERE or call the DMS team now on 0845 686 2300

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