Navigator and JudgeService

All Navigator systems now have the ability to integrate with JudgeService FREE OF CHARGE.
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With the latest version of Navigator - all Navigator systems now have the ability to integrate with Judge Service. This is a completely FREE OF CHARGE addition to Navigator

Who are JudgeService?

JudgeService helps you to both engage with your prospects and also gain recommendations, find out where you have failed and provide evidence of your reputation to prospects.

Navigator have partnered with Judge Service to provide a cohesive and seamless set of services.


Navigator workswith ProAct to actively engage with Sales Enquiries where you have been unableto make a sale. JudgeService will contact these lost leads, with the aim ofeither finding out where you were unable to help, but also more importantlyre-engage automatically with those prospects who are actually still in the market to purchase a car.


JudgeService ReActis a CSI and reviews platform which Navigator feeds with all handovers sothat the customer can be contacted for CSI and review purposes. A CSI score can be automatically linked to your web site and reviewsadded which future prospective customers can see to gain trust before contacting you.

Aftersales React

Just like the Sales Product, Aftersales React seeks to gain a Satisfaction rating from your Aftersales customers - the results are fed back into Navigator for reporting, analysis and to re-engage with customers who give poor feedback.

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