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Navigator's No-Stress Implementation

Let’s be straight with each other.

Do you want to have to pay for updates? Do you want us to develop new systems so yours becomes obsolete? Do you like DMS suppliers forcing you to pay for things you expected for free?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then perhaps we should part company now.

If, however, you said a resounding ‘no’ to these, then stick around.  
Navigator will never, NEVER, charge you for any system updates.
Nor will Navigator ever, EVER, introduce a new system so you have to dump the old one.

Once you’ve invested, why should you be made to re-invest a few years down the line?

But our customers are always using the very latest, state-of-the-art DMS because we give (yes, GIVE) them the latest updates as and
when they’re developed.  So everyone has the same, latest version that keeps their dealership at the leading edge of DMS use.

So there is only ever one Navigator system and every user has that, with free updates for life.

Your Own Project Manager

Your Navigator installation begins with help from your personal Project Manager. They look after the entire process including initial project management, system setup, data migration and on-site training. Everything is taken care of.

Get More From Your DMS

Every member of our implementation team has a strong working knowledge of vehicle dealerships. This means they can help you implement new policies and procedures that ensure you get the most value from Navigator. They can answer all your questions too.

A Hassle-Free Transition

A new DMS doesn’t have to mean keying in all your customer and business data again. Unlike other providers DMS take the stress out of data migration.

Our team extracts key data from your existing system and maps it into Navigator, meaning you hit the ground running with one less thing to worry about.

Great Customer Support

If you have any questions, during or after the installation, you’ll find lots of great help at hand. Your Project Manager remains your Project Manager, even after installation.

They will provide launch support and a complete post-launch follow up. You can also get help from our dedicated support staff.

With Navigator, you’re never alone.

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