“Navigator is highly recommended by Burton Kia.”

When Burton Kia won the Platinum Prestige Global Award, it was effectively ranked as one of the top 30 Kia franchises in the world, of around 4,800 in total. And Navigator has been at the heart of the business’s success from the very beginning – almost.

“We had a horrendous first six months with another well-known DMS,” says Ian Bullock, Director at Burton Kia. “Our departments couldn’t communicate with each other, and it took four months to produce our first accounts report.

“We knew we had to switch, and Navigator impressed us as a system that really does what it says on the tin.

“The Navigator implementation team achieved something that I thought was impossible,” says Ian. “They migrated that impenetrable database from our old DMS, and made it work at last.”

Navigator has evolved with the company, regularly adding new features that have supported Burton Kia’s success. “Navigator is a highly innovative DMS,” says Ian. “The system keeps moving with the industry, with upgrades and improvements almost on a monthly basis.”

These upgrades and improvements are all delivered by Navigator free of charge.

Ian adds: “We made an unfortunate choice with our first DMS in 2011, which provided woeful customer support.

“Thankfully the Navigator team is very accessible, quick to return our calls and keen to involve us in the future direction of the system.

“Navigator is highly recommended by Burton Kia.”

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