Doing business without destroying the Earth

Sustainability as a way of life

It is an integrated part of the Navigator philosophy that doing business should not be doing any damage to the environment or to our staff.

As such, sustainability has become more and more a part of everyday life within DMS.

Our Office Environment

Our office is designed to be as power efficient as it can be - from using low energy LED lighting, through to efficient control of heating and air conditioning.

We review this constantly, to try to reduce our energy needs within our office environment.

All power used at our offices is electricity from a 100% renewable source.

All other CO2 generated as part of our business is offset by funding a tree planting scheme here in the UK with

Our data centre

A data centre is a relatively big user of power and all the power supply is from 100% renewable energy sources.

Our Car Fleet

Since 2016 we have been slowly moving our car fleet to electrified vehicles.

Our vehicles are all full Battery Electric.