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Everything we do at Navigator is done with the aim of helping our users to :-


Serve : to serve customers online in a cohesive and efficient manner

Sell : to sell online, by phone and in person

Deliver:  To deliver a 5* service to your staff and customers

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Social media is a powerful tool. It is a platform that allows us to connect with people all over the world. Its reach is limitless.So just imagine what it could do for your business.Going digital is the next frontier but it’s not always the easiest road to navigate.

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"Navigator is the most advanced and seamless DMS available"

"It turns your dealerships into an online sales powerhouse. Everything is enabled online, from up-to-the-minute vehicle displays, to booking customer reservations, to accepting deposits, taking full payments and processing the entire order from start to finish.

“With Navigator, dealerships become an online, 24/7 global sales front end.”

What do our customers say ? 

Andy Walkingshaw realised that the legacy DMS system that his Volkswagen & Kia dealership was running wasn't allowing them to work they wanted. They chose Navigator to help them reach this goal.

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