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Navigator Learning Centre

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Is Navigator just for Car Dealerships?

Navigator is used by all sorts of dealerships -

  • franchised new and used car dealerships
  • independent dealerships and Used Car Supermarkets
  • Motor Bike dealers
  • Caravan and Motor home dealerships
  • Service Centres without car sales
  • HGV dealers
  • Agricultural dealerships

In fact, Navigator can be used by a multitude of different types of dealer!

What makes for a good or bad Dealer Management System Installation ?

"That was a great installation !"

or "That was really difficult installation!"

What makes the difference ?

Read our article to find out

How do we Support you over the long term ?

It's all well and good having a great Dealer Management and Showroom system, but it's important that

  • You know how to use it
  • Are up to date with updates that are available
  • and can gain support when you need it

This is the role of our Helpdesk and Customer Success Team. Read how we use these teams to support you over the long term

Navigator Web Site Integration

Web Integration is an Essential

In today's world, it's essential that your Online Sales Process is fully integrated with your in house systems and your "physical" sales process.

This means that it's a requirement that your Web site and other online presence is fully linked to your DMS and CRM systems.

Here at Navigator we recognise this requirement and provide a series of integrations out of the box that ensure that you are able to achieve this.  



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