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Navigator Learning Centre

Find out the answers to all the questions about Navigator DMS

Does Navigator run on an Apple Mac computer ?

Is Navigator just for Car Dealerships ?

Navigator is used in a wide variety of applications! click to read more.

Will my Phone System Interface with Navigator?

Navigator supports Phone Integration for both "Call Popping" and "Click to Dial"

When is the best time to go live on Navigator ?

In short, the answer is "Whenever you want?" 

Many of our customers will spend a good deal of time picking the perfect time to go-live on Navigator.

In reality, this perfect time doesn't exist!

For every potential date that you may consider, there will always be some downside or problems that need to be overcome

How do we support our clients over the Long Term ? 

It's all well and good having a great Dealer Management and Showroom system, but it's important that

  • You know how to use it
  • Are up to date with updates that are available
  • and can gain support when you need it

This is the role of our Helpdesk and Customer Success Team.

Do we do Web Sites for Leisure Dealers?

Yes, of course.

We use the same technology for our Motorhome and Caravan dealer web sites as we do for our motor trade ones, but add a small "leisure" twist to make the site more appropriate for the Leisure Market.

How much is a Dealer Management System (DMS) from Navigator ?

As you would expect, the simple answer is “it depends”.     But depends on what ?

Will I get any shocks with price rises in future? 

What's in the box when I invest in Navigator? What products do I get ?  What Services?

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