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Navigator - the DMS system for an integrated dealer.

Nearly 25 years ago, Navigator was born. From a team who were early adopters to using computers in dealerships in the early 80s.

They were frustrated for the lack of end to end integration available in systems 40 years ago.

The lack of controls and the requirement for re-entering data into multiple systems which didn't communicate.

This same story is being told today, by dealer's whose online systems don't talk to their back-end DMS systems, where payment solutions don't record payments automatically and where team members are required to re-enter information from different systems.

A DMS driving dealers’ profits

Our Developers work with our customers to deliver solutions to empower dealers to be more efficient, sell more, and deliver better bottom line profit.

A key part of this is to integrate as much of the dealer's systems together, from phone systems, credit card machines, web site and everything in between.

Every department, every manufacturer

Navigator can be found driving major multi-franchise dealerships as well as in solus, family-run businesses.  It delivers the same customer-focussed, profit-driven management tools across the board.

Of course, every business has unique requirements, so each gets exactly what they need from Navigator to focus on their precise daily needs

Up and running in no time

Our background in the motor trade also bears fruit when it comes to the implementation and training.  Navigator operates intuitively, so everyone across the business will find it easy to learn.

When it comes to training, learning is a mixture of our virtual online classroom and real interaction with our Implementation team, both online and on site.

An open and honest approach to pricing and value

The way Navigator is priced reflects our ethos of openness and clarity.  We provide market-leading value with a transparent pricing policy. The price you pay on Day One is the same you will pay throughout your time with Navigator.

This is another reason we can proudly say that in Navigator you have found the best-value DMS available that is also the most comprehensive and sophisticated management tool you will ever need.