Will my Phone System Interface with Navigator?

Navigator supports Phone Integration for both "Call Popping" and "Click to Dial"

Call Popping

When the phone rings, Navigator will be notified of the incoming phone no in the database and lookup the customer and their current activity. This means that in parallel to answering the phone, the user will be able to see who the customer is and whether they have an open job card, or sales enquiry.

A single click will then open the Sales Enquiry or Job Card.

Click to Dial

This is exactly as it sounds! With a customer on screen, clicking "Dial" will cause your telephone to dial out to the customer.

How does this work ?

For this to work, the Telephone System needs to interface with Navigator. This is a process called CTI - or Computer-Telephone Integration.

Navigator supports any Telephone system which provides the Industry Standard TAPI interface.

TAPI is designed so that any software can easily connect to any phone system! 

Most modern phone systems will have the capability to support TAPI (though there is often a licence to use this!) 

What versions of Navigator Support Telephone Integration

Telephone integration is available as an add-on to the Essentials and Professional versions of Navigator, and is included in the Enterprise version.

Navigator supports Phone Integration for both "Call Popping" and "Click to Dial"

Read this article to find out what this means and whether it will work in your dealership

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