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The Accounting Suite

Accounting should be seen and not heard!

Apart from by the Accounts Team!

Navigator Accounting is like the proverbial ice-berg. Most of it is hidden in the depths of Navigator, automatically squirreling away information on every transaction, recording details of every invoice and payment in and out of the business.

So, Accounting is fully integral to every process.

The Accounts Team have full visibility of every transaction, using advanced drill-down reporting, allowing drill down right to the point of viewing an invoice (even a purchase invoice!) 

And it's an Accounting System that's designed from the ground up for Dealership use, understanding how dealers need to analyse their data and recording it automatically in a style to enable that.

Fully able to work with multi-company, multi-branch and multi-franchise setups.

Report on vehicle sales split Retail or Trade, that's automatic. Break down further to analyse franchise or non franchise sales, yep that's automatic too!

Do the same in Workshop.. of course!

Navigator Accounts has all the key features you'd expect in any modern Accounting System, like

VAT Making Tax Digital,
Integration with your Bank account
Generation of formatted Management Accounts

See more details below

Accounting Designed For The Motor Trade

Navigator’s accounting suite gives you built-in, dedicated ledgers for vehicles, warranties and assets. And because everything is fully integrated with your sales, parts and workshop systems, you’ll find bookkeeping refreshingly simple.

Easily Customise Your Accounts

Need to keep separate books for each of your departments? A parts only account, for example? Consider it done.

Detailed Reports In Your Preferred Format

This is your system, so you decide what it looks like, what
data it delivers, how and when it is delivered.

It’s down to you when you see your full management accounts and Daily Operating Control reports. And, to make life easier, every report can be sent to Microsoft Excel for formatting and “what if” analysis.

And relax.

Dealership Size Doesn't Matter

Whether you’re a group of 99 companies in thousands of branches, or you’re a sole trader, Navigator’s accounting suite fits because it’s scalable and it’s adaptable.

Navigator’s nominal ledger can even generate manufacturer composites.

Reduce Pricing Errors

This is smart working.

Navigator highlights pricing errors so they don’t damage your business. It tracks all deliveries and it reports back exactly what you need to know to be one step ahead.

All parts, sub-contract and sundry goods are matched and checked when posting the invoice.

Credits due, returns, short deliveries and bonuses? Check, check, check.

Authorise Invoices in Advance

One of the key benefits of having our own internal accounting system is to be able to more tightly integrate the Accounting system with the other departments.

This is a great example of this at work.

So, what anyone in any department accepts goods or services into their department - eg buying parts, sub contracting repair or buying an extended warranty - the details are automatically transferred to accounts.

When the invoice comes in, if it matches these details, then the Accounts team can continue processing without having to further authorise the invoices.

Make smoother and efficient.

If there is a query, then they can also see the details of the original goods in - it may be simple that it's a part invoice.

Navigator Invoice Capture and Post

Navigator Invoice Capture and Post uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically capture invoices, read the information on them to assist in the processing and posting into Navigator.

This can save 80% of the time taken to process purchase invoices!

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