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Your customers have go-to apps on their phones, from companies such as Amazon and Facebook. These companies "own" their customers through their apps.

MyAutoCompanion is an Android/IOS application which your customers are invited to download automatically and allows them to engage with the dealership. It becomes their go-to app for all their motoring needs and aids you in retaining your customer over the long term whilst gaining every sales oppotunity you can.

By allowing the customer to transact online with you, from online service booking, two way messaging through to online payment for services this reduces the administration time that your Service Team need to put in.

But, MyAutoCompanion is far more than that!

As well as efficiently giving your customer an additional way to interact with the dealership, making both their and your lives easier, MyAutoCompanion is also your way of marketing and gaining sales from them.

and by incredibly tight integration with Navigator, notifications can be sent to the customer on a timely basis - automatically when their car is ready after a service, through to when their warranty expires - taking them automatically through the process of buying an extended warranty.

Better still, as a Navigator customer - you can deliver MyAutoCompanion free to your customers as *your* dealer app!

Marketing Messaging

Marketing messages, from Service Reminders through to invites to new model launches can be sent direct to the app.

Calls to action will open the app and take the customer to the right section to process.

This is an phone notification, more powerful than a text or email, with a greater likelihood for being clicked on.

Service Booking

Your customers can create a service booking, straight from the app, in less than 5 clicks. This creates a fully populated service repair order in Navigator just waiting a one-click Service Advisor approval.

The customer is happy, he can book his car in 24 x 7 x 365 with no hassle, and the dealer saves time in customer handling - up to 10 minutes per booking, which could easily equate to a month of saved time per annum!

Service and MOT reminders are sent to the app by pop up messaging and the call-to-action goes straight to the service booking process.

Online Check On

The day before the customer is due in the workshop, Navigator will send a notification to the customer asking them to Check in online.

Just like when you check in for a flight - this reduces time when the customer arrives at the dealership and also provides some additional upsell opportunities!

Saving your customer time in the dealership, reducing those morning queues and also increasing the average invoice value!

Vehicle Health Check Authorisation

The Navigator Vehicle Health Check interfaces with theMyAutoCompanion App so any health-check issues can be communicated to the customer via the app and authorised with a single click. If the customer wishes to send a message to the Service Advisor they can do so within the app.

View and Pay Invoice

Customers receive notifications when their invoice is ready, allowing them to pay in app by credit card or simple bank transfer using their mobile banking. This saves time for the customer when they collect their car and reduces queus at Service Reception in the evenings.

Self Check-Out

Using a keybox unit, customers can self-checkout. The Service Advisor reserves the box, which advises the customer in the app and sends a code to open the box. The customer arrives, types in the code at the box and takes his keys. Simple! Happy customer, who can get on his way quickly, and saves the Service Advisor another chunk of time.

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