Navigator Engage 360

Engage 360 is all about integrating Navigator with third party products and services

Navigator Engage 360

Ever had to copy or paste between two systems, or look-up a phone no in one system to find it's wrong as it wasn't updated.... Well Engage 360 helps prevent this, moving information automagically between systems and making processes efficient

eCommerce Integration

Our customers expect to be able to transact with us on any medium they chose - online, in person and by telephone. Our staff demand that we minimise the administrative burden so that they can focus on delivering customer service rather than being burdened with Administration.


These days, customers expect to be able to transact online. Navigator Online Integrated Payments allow a dealer to email payment requests to Sales and Service Customers to pay for their vehicle deposits, or service invoices with the click of a button. This makes life easier for the customer but also for the dealer, as it is fully integrated end to end posting the payment direct to the system!

Check out how this works in this video. This feature is simply part of Navigator - all you need is an appropriate online Merchant Account.

SMS Marketing and Notifications

Keep your customers informed in the most convenient way possible. It’s easy to send SMS text messages directly from Navigator. Create a text marketing campaign and have it delivered in a few clicks. Tell a customer their vehicle is ready, and send other useful updates.

Online Service Booking

Take customers from service reminder to confirmed booking in a few clicks. Navigator online booking links with your DMS and website to make bookings more convenient and more efficient. Increase your conversion rates with Navigator.

Navigator Digital Dashboard

What you can measure you can improve !

We all use KPIs for a reason - measuring performance against benchmarks and targets focuses us and our team into generating the performance your business needs.

Phone Integration

If people are the heart of a dealership the DMS is the brain.  So it makes sense to connect them via the most sophisticated communications system – which is why Navigator has extensive  integration with telephone system. This links your DMS directly with your phone system. It makes perfect sense and delivers huge savings. Navigator Phone Integration takes customer communications to another level.

Judge Service

Judge Service helps you to both engage with your prospects and also gain recommendations, find out where you have failed and provide evidence of your reputation to prospects.

Navigator have partnered with Judge Service to provide a cohesive and seamless set of services.

Vehicle Stock Funding

Navigator Document Storage

Drive efficiency with a smarter, cheaper, easier way to store documents. Save on the labour and space required by paper filing systems. Access and print any of your docs, from any of your sites. All within Navigator’s integrated document scanning and storage system.

Navigator Digital Signature

The Navigator Digital Signature Platform allows a sales order to be sent to a customer for digital signature, and automatically have the signed order uploaded back into Navigator once complete.

Credit Card Machine Integration

Most dealerships will have credit card machines, but they are fraught with issues...

Have you ever seen someone in accounts wandering the dealership with a credit card receipt in hand trying to work out what it was for ? 

Autotrader Connect

We are delighted to be a partner for Autotrader and be part of the Autotrader Connect programme

ITC Compliance Integration

Being compliant with FCA requirements can be complex but is an essential part of a motor dealer's business

Many dealers become an Approved Representative of Automotive Compliance to ensure that they are fully FCA compliant with ITC Compliance assuming the dealer’s risk from the regulator as their principal firm

ITC Compliance provides an online software solution to deliver manageable FCA processes and procedure which is kept fully up to date with any regulatory changes

Navigator integration brings the ITC Compliance system to being almost part of the Sales 360 solution. One-click opens into ITC Compliance, with all the customer and vehicle details pre-loaded., there are Compliance hard stops that need to be fulfilled before the next stage can be completed which means the FCA procedure cannot be forgotten or bypassed, strengthening the dealers FCA Compliance.

For more information for ITC Compliance, see https://www.itccompliance.co.uk

Motor Check Integration

Navigator supports integration with a number of third party Vehicle History and Provenance Systems.

See the benefit of integration with Motor Checks!

Automotive Compliance Integration

Navigator integration brings the Automotive Compliance system to being almost part of the Sales 360 solution. Once-click opens up the Automotive Compliance, with all the customer and vehicle details pre-loaded. Saving the Sales Executive time and reduces errors, ensuring full compliance

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