Organise jobs and manage staff, resources and customers more efficiently than ever before.

Workshop System

Organise jobs and manage staff and resources more efficiently. Keep it simple. What does this give you? Customers who feel better-looked after than ever before.

Workshop Dashboard

Every detail you need for the coming day is displayed on Navigator’s dashboard. The latest status of every job? Check. Perfectly organised appointment schedules? Check. Efficient staff? Check.

Keeping Customers Informed

Integrated text messages keep customers up-to-date with their repairs. They feel in touch with you and will need to make fewer calls to check on progress. Servicing dates, MOT tests, in fact everything is booked automatically. Navigator even reminds staff to contact customers when required.

Maximise Workshop's Potential

How to have the world’s most efficient workshop?

1. check available hours;

2. see which vehicles are in workshop;

3. check loan car collections and returns;

4. schedule jobs to match technicians’ hours and abilities. Navigator monitors your service, repair and MOT hours, and all sub-contract jobs, giving meaningful management reports on all data.

Result? Efficient workshop plus happy customers.

Smarter Staff Management

Accurate insights into every technician’s performance and efficiency. The touch-screen clock-in system monitors attendance and jobs, then reports on everything you need to know.

Crystal Clear Job Costing

Costing is clearer for you and your customers with Navigator. See costs on a line-by-line or incident basis. Each new part is allocated to the appropriate line or incident. It’s crystal clear and it’s simple to use

Vehicle Health Check

With the powerful Navigator Vehicle Health Check system integrated within your Navigator System., you’ll discover powerful new sales tools and save hours of wasted data entry time. The use of video increases authorisation rates adding to workshop sales and profit.

Workflow is integrated through the Navigator Parts and Service System to reduce double entry of information between the Vehicle Health Check and the main Navigator system.

The health check is based on AutoVHC which is approved for use in most franchises.

Service Sub Contract

You can't do everything yourself, and sometimes you need to sub-contract specialist work to other providers.

Navigator smoothly handles this for you, linking the charge to the customer with a sub-contract order. The Sub contract cost is automatically authorised in accounts to smooth up the paper flow there too!

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