Vehicle Stock Administration

Gain access to all the functions an Administrator or Sales Manager will ever need

Vehicle Stock Administration

Navigator’s Vehicle Admin and Sales Manager toolkits give full access to all the functions an Administrator or Sales Manager will ever need.

Vehicle Administrator's Toolkit

Vehicle admin is transformed because you can now have all you need to know about every vehicle in a central file.  This toolkit shows each vehicle listed as in-stock - or soon to be in-stock – and each has specific actions attached to it (such as workshop costs or if delivery is overdue) which you are prompted to address. It’s here you can post costs, request sub-con work, check orders…every detail at your fingertips for every vehicle.

Navigator Document Storage

Drive efficiency with a smarter, cheaper, easier way to store documents. Save on the labour and space required by paper filing systems. Access and print any of your docs, from any of your sites. All within Navigator’s integrated document scanning and storage system.

Your office just got bigger

How much extra room would you have without big, bulky filing cabinets in your office? With Navigator, you’ll find out – because your documents are stored electronically at our secure Data Centre instead. And yes, they are officially accepted by HMRC.

Save time on filing…

Sorting, collating, filing. It’s a tedious business. With Navigator Document Storage, you simply load the day’s documents into a scanner. Then, they’re organised and stored automatically for you. Now you can do something more productive with your filing time.

…and retrieval

Searching for paper documents? It takes almost as much time as it did to file them! But not with Navigator Document Storage. Access documents directly from your DMS. View, download or print with the click of a button. It couldn’t be faster, or easier.

More secure, more accessible

With Navigator Document Storage, your files are stored off-site at our highly secure Data Centre. State-of-the-art encryption and fire-suppression keep security much tighter than with paper records. And you can access your files from anywhere, via the cloud.

Website integration

Easily Advertise Vehicles on your Web Site

It is straightforward to prepare your vehicle adverts in your Navigator Vehicle Stock Book (at least half of the information is already there!) and create an advert which then adds stock to your web site.  This also means that sold stock is updated as sold quickly and automatically.  This works with our own web sites - built in association with 67 Degrees, as well as with most of the major Web Site providers in the UK (eg Gforces, Starkwood Media, Blueskies, AutoWeb etc).      If you have a web provider that we don't already integrate with then this is no hassle - we provide a free to use API which allows your web provider to integrate with us.  

All our integration with your main web site is free of charge and included in your Navigator subscription - no matter what version of Navigator you are using .

Integrate Incoming Enquiries

Incoming enquiries from your web site and from third party systems such as ebay, gumtree, autotrader can be integrated into the Navigator Sales 360 CRM system so that all incoming leads are captured automatically and enquiries generated.      Integration with your own web site is included with your Navigator subscription and works out of the box with our own Web Sites.  We provide full documentation to third party web site providers to allow them to create this integration.     For others, Navigator can intercept emails to create enquiries.  

All Enquiries can link to Stock records, or supply Part Exchange or Finance details.  

Sell Cars Online

Navigator supports the ability to both reserve or take sales orders online. The details are transferred automatically into the Navigator Sales 360 system as an Enquiry, and with Navigator's own eCommerce systems will allow a Sales Order to be automatically created,Part Exchange and Finance details created and deposits automatically posted to remove all the re-keying that would otherwise be required,

We are delighted to be a partner for Autotrader and be part of the Autotrader Connect programme

This will allow dealers to :

Improve margin with advanced vehicle data

Create adverts using Auto Trader’s advanced vehicle data directly in Navigator. Easily add the correct spec to make sure you are selling the vehicle correctly, maximise margin and don’t mislead consumers.

Save time by reducing systems

Create and manage stock in Navigator with automatic updates to Auto Trader, plus other key systems and channels. Save time and reduce errors and inconsistencies by minimising the number of systems you interact with.

Improve your buyer experience with real-time updates

Advert updates between your stock management system, website, and Auto Trader are made in realtime. This means your key selling channels are kept up to date in real-time, reducing incorrectly advertised vehicles and bad customer experiences

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