Navigator DMS

Fully integrated system for franchised and independent car dealers

Fully featured

for all departments - including accounts

Manufacturer Integrated

Dozens of franchise supported interfaces

Real Time Reporting

What you can measure, you can improve!


Everything we do at Navigator is done with the aim of helping our users to :-

Serve : to serve customers online in a cohesive and efficient manner

Sell : to sell online, by phone and in person

Deliver:  To deliver a 5* service to your staff and customers

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"Navigator is the most advanced and seamless DMS available"

"It turns your dealerships into an online sales powerhouse. Everything is enabled online, from up-to-the-minute vehicle displays, to booking customer reservations, to accepting deposits, taking full payments and processing the entire order from start to finish.

“With Navigator, dealerships become an online, 24/7 global sales front end.”

What do our customers say ? 

Burton Kia had a horrendous 6 months with their first DMS system, but have thrived since moving to Navigator in 2011 - including winning Kia's Platinum Prestige Global Award, becoming recognised as one of the top 0.75% of Kia dealers in the world. See how Navigator has helped them achieve this.

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Accessible, Functional, Flexible

Imagine the benefits of a Navigator DMS

Imagine: all your business functions; all your databases; all your actions; all your sales; all your after-sales; all your customers; all together in one system.

Then imagine the increased productivity; better marketing; healthier bottom line.

Now imagine your customers’ happy faces because you’re serving them better.

Small cost, big payback

Designed for your dealership

No two dealerships are the same.  Why be forced to change the way you work just to suit your DMS? Don’t. Navigator delivers marketing-focused control with Microsoft technology across all large dealership groups and solus traders.

Richardson Ford sales manager, Stuart Clark, cites the transparency in the profitability of a car sale that Navigator delivers as helping drive the company forward.  “We have massive objectives so the quicker we can get qualified leads into the sales team, the better.”

Stuart Clark, Richardson Ford