"It works." High praise from award-winning dealer

Robin Luscombe is a Yorkshireman and rightly proud of it.  A straight talker who knows goodvalue when he sees it.  So he’s just the person to listen to when it comes to recommending a DMS. 

Robin owns and runs Luscombe Motors in Leeds with a very hands-on attitude.  He’s a man who puts trust, honesty and loyalty at the heart of his business, so you know when he recommends Navigator he means it.

In the words of finance director, David Taylor, “We’re not the typical motor dealer and the system had to match our requirements for an integrated system.”

David praises Navigator for the enhanced, real-time financial control it has delivered: “We used to spend 15 days doing the accounts, now it takes just 6-8 days.” So better information, faster.

Marketing and customer relations manager Jane Whyman says Navigator DMS plays a big part in that. As she says, “following up the database is the most important part of the business” and we can’t argue with that.

Group parts manager Aziz Ahmed knows more than most the importance of having a DMS that is thorough, efficient and – importantly – simple to use.

“Navigator is so easy to learn,” says Aziz, “and simple to use.”  These are really important factors when you realise that Aziz has a large and busy team using Navigator day in, day out.

Perhaps the most telling comment in the entire video is from Robin: “Good value is very important and I won’t waste a penny.”  As good a reason as any to switch to Navigator, a DMS that delivers on value.

As Robin Luscombe says: “It works.”

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