"Don’t invest in a new DMS unless it really makes a difference"

When East Yorkshire-based Richardson Ford searched for a replacement DMS it had very strict criteria: the DMS had to make the multi-site Ford dealership far more efficient; it had to bring clarity and focus to the operation that the previous system had failed to do; and the DMS had to directly improve the bottom line.

Ford main dealers don’t employ phrases such as ‘more profitable’ and ‘more efficient’ lightly. Which is why we know they’re great compliments for a DMS that genuinely has made a difference. And if your DMS isn’t making a difference for the better, then why change? Why invest?

Sales manager, Stuart Clark, says that a key difference is seeing transparency in the profitability of a car sale, which helps drive the company forward.

“We have massive objectives,” says Stuart, “so the quicker we can get qualified leads into the sales team, the better.”

Meeting Ford’s integration needs

The Richardson Ford team acknowledges that much of the appeal of Navigator is its direct interfaces with the Ford system. Interfacing with Ford enables the team to do its job better. As aftersales manager, Nick Fox, says, Navigator has been “a massive step up.” At Navigator, we say that if you can’t point to huge improvements that your DMS has contributed, then you may as well not have changed from your clunky old one.

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