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Sol Meah

2nd Line Helpdesk

Coming from the motor trade background, the first week of starting at DMS Navigator was a very anxious week. I didn’t think I was up to the job, nor did I feel as though I suited the role but as I got to know the wonderful people who worked here, who assisted me endlessly, it helped me settle and here I am several years later!

Both my colleagues and the company have helped me build my confidence, as well as give me the ability to be the best that I can be! My second family, the Navigator family supported me through many good and tough times and helped me become the person I am today (ready to take on the world).  

Sometimes waking up for work in the morning can be very uneasy experience for some people, but not with this place. This place pulls you in and gives you a fantastic day at work, everyday! No day is the same.  

DMS Navigator have never failed to help or support me in personal and professional growth. I started in 2018 as first line support, now on the second line support but there’s more… Now Im starting work with the development team to open myself to more knowledge! I love my job, I love helping people therefore if I can learn more, I have more to give back.  

I wouldn’t change my colleagues for the world. We bounce knowledge off each other to help the customer of course one another. You’ll never have a quiet day in the office. Working at Navigator is an absolute joy!

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