Vehicle Sales and CRM

Gain access to all the functions an Administrator or Sales Manager will ever need

Vehicle Sales & Management

Navigator’s Vehicle Admin and Sales Manager toolkits give full access to all the functions an Administrator or Sales Manager will ever need.

Sales 360 - The Heart of Navigator DMS

Sales 360 is the Navigator sales enquiry manager module. It collects, collates and cross-references all of a customer’s different digital enquiries into one place, prompting one salesperson to handle the details and streamlining the entire transition from enquiry to sale.

All Enquiries from All Sources

Sales 360 is one of the most valuable pieces of software available to dealership sales staff.  It is fed automatically with the details of customers’ searches– whether on Autotrader, on your own website or responding to your marketing campaigns – turning them into real time prospects. With Sales 360 you can respond to their needs while they are still searching.

The prospects are highlighted in a central document, so multiple enquiries can be handled as one by a single salesperson.

Sales Enquiry Management Made Easy

When a customer feels that you know them, know their needs and have all their details to hand then they feel appreciated and can see that you’re on top of your game. You know what they want and how you can meet their needs. Result? A fully-informed salesperson and professionally handled customer, with your DMS giving full access to all the functions and minute details that an Administrator or Sales Manager will ever need.

Never Miss a Lead with Sales 360 Diary Prompts

The tasks diary in Sales 360 means you never miss a beat. The diary prompts you with contact details, reminders and actions.  

And it’s where new enquiries pop up for your immediate attention.

360 Degree View of the Enquiry

To build your sale you need all the facts to hand. So Sales 360 compiles everything into one screen: from the customers’ contact details to their PX valuation; from their a new car enquiry via the manufacturer’s website to their test drive requests; right down to their finance company report.

This single contact stream converts multiple enquiry requests from the same customer automatically and seamlessly into a single enquiry.

Vehicle Administrator's Toolkit

Vehicle admin is transformed because you can now have all you need to know about every vehicle in a central file.  This toolkit shows each vehicle listed as in-stock - or soon to be in-stock – and each has specific actions attached to it (such as workshop costs or if delivery is overdue) which you are prompted to address. It’s here you can post costs, request sub-con work, check orders…every detail at your fingertips for every vehicle.

Website integration

Navigator automatically updates your website with your vehicle stock, so it is never out of date.

Web updates also go automatically to scheduled third parties, including Autotrader.

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