Vehicle Advertising from your DMS
Vehicle Advertising from your DMS

Vehicle Advertising

You can only sell a car when it is on your web site. Whilst improving the time from purchase to a car being Ready-for-Retail is essential, it's also essential that the car is on the web site from the very earliest opportunity, even if the imagery isn't top class to start with. Days count, and if the car isn't on the web, it's not going to get the exposure and this will affect stock turn.

Build and Upload the Advert at the Earliest Opportunity

Vehicle stock is added onto the DMS system as a matter of course.  It should be relatively trivial to feed this stock onto the dealer web site.

This reduces re-keying, and ensures that vehicles are advertised as a matter of course, at the very earliest opportunity.

Keep your Website synchronised with your DMS.

This means that stock is on the web site earlier and removed as soon as sold without the task duplication of adding the stock manually.

It also ensures that pricing is synchronised between the DMS and the web site so any Sales price change are on both.    

Many DMS systems can import price changes from excel – so that a stocklist can be exported into Excel, have pricing updated and then imported back in, automatically updating the web site pricing.


  1. Get your Web Site supplier to integrate with your DMS system
  2. Get all the details to support an advert onto your DMS
  3. Train your Sales / Advertising Manager on configuring the advert on the DMS and doing this as soon as the vehicle is loaded up
  4. Measure the time between a car arriving and being on the web site - as well as being ready to retail.

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