Why should I consider changing the dealer Management system in my car dealership?


Why should you?!

If the system you have

  • does everything you need it to do,
  • there is no benefits to be gained and
  • no real financial return on investment

Then there is absolutely no reason to change!

Here, at DMS Navigator, our core product is our Navigator Dealer Management System. We talk to dealers every day about their requirements of a DMS system and agree with many of them that they have no need to


But what sorts of things are in the mix which might cause a dealer to sit up and take a more serious look at their existing solution and consider a new one.

Upgrading to the most modern software

Sadly, many dealers are using older versions of their supplier's system. There can be a cost to upgrade. This means that before blindly upgrading its worth checking it'd rhe right thing to be doing!

More features and integrations

The power of many Dealer Management Systems these days isn't In their core functionality (though that is still important) but in the integrations they offer.

Dealerships use a multitude of "systems" and services such as :-

  • Their Web site
  • Their phone system
  • Financial compliance systems
  • Vehicle Provenance and history check
  • Vehicle valuations
  • Online advertising
  • Online lead generation
  • Franchise systems
  • Vehicle auctions
  • Vehicle movement partners
  • Web site ratings and review systens

The list is endless! Many of these provide an opportunity for a DMS system to interface and integrate.

Some of these integrations are of minor value, some more major and others complete game-changers!

Better cost/benefit

The rule of thumb is likely possible that you can get a better return on your long term investment with providers other than your incumbent supplier. You just never know....

Your business changes

The car dealer business is in a state of constant change. The drive towards digital retailing, the changing landscape of the dealer/franchise relationship or simply the development of the independent car dealership.

You may have added workshop facilities or perhaps increased the volumes of cars you sell.

Either way, it's likely that the parameters you used when choosing your existing solution have changed.. Therefore, given your current and future dealership requirements, it's possible that another system may well serve your needs better!

The problem is that

You don't know what you don't know!

Unless you check out the marketplace to see what is possible, it's often difficult to decide if you need to seriously consider a change.

Most dealers don't want to necessarily engage with the sales team at a DMS company until they are sure that they are seriously going to potentially change their system and have a shortlist of possibilities.

Fortunately, like car dealers, there is a lot of information on a DMS system providers web site including product writeup, video demonstrations and guides as well as guides to pricing.

All of these will help you to build a shortlist of suppliers you want to engage with.

Why should I consider changing the dealer Management system in my car dealership?

Good question. Read our thoughts!

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