DMS Navigator Integrates New Volkswagen Aftersales Digital Reception

Volkswagen dealerships are about to find a handy new use for their iPads, thanks to the new VW Aftersales Digital Reception App from Manheim Aftersales Solutions. And for those dealerships that use DMS Navigator, the benefits will be even greater.

The new app enables Volkswagen Service Reception Staff to create and manage Service Appointments at a tap.

Naturally, DMS Navigator provides full integration with Digital Reception App. Volkswagen dealerships that use Navigator will enjoy:

• Seamless interaction between the Volkswagen Aftersales Digital Reception and Navigator

• The ability to update bookings in their Navigator DMS database from anywhere, via the app.

The integration should come as no surprise, given our strong partnership with Manheim. Navigator already integrates Manheim’s vehicle health check services, as well as many other third-party web services.

DMS Navigator is installed in many Volkswagen dealerships, helping dealers maintain the dealer standards required by Volkswagen, and we’re in step with their newest innovations.

“We’re delighted to support our Volkswagen dealerships in utilising the new Volkswagen Aftersales Digital Reception,” said DMS Navigator MD Simon Verona. “This can only strengthen our relationships with Manheim and Volkswagen, and gives our dealers’ the ability to deliver an even stronger customer experience.”

To find out more about the new Volkswagen Aftersales Digital Reception, CLICK HERE or telephone a member of the DMS Navigator team today on 0845 686 2300

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