Integrated vehicle health check “should deliver extra £20 per job card”

Integrated vehicle health check “should deliver extra £20 per job card”

Integrated vehicle health check “should deliver extra £20 per job card” says DMS Navigator

DMS Navigator has completed the full integration of the AutoVHC system and MD Simon Verona is predicting it will deliver an extra £48,000 worth of annual income to each installed user.

“The eVHC is vital for a fully-integrated DMS and we have chosen the best there is.  AutoVHC has proven performance, identifying extra chargeable work and securing the customer go-ahead for work to be done while the vehicle is still in the repair bay,” says Verona. “Correctly used, the eVHC should contribute an extra £20 for every invoice.  So a dealership conducts just 15 VHCs each day it should gain around £48,000 extra in annual turnover, just by using the eVHC more promptly. 

“The key is to use the eVHC as an integrated module of DMS Navigator.  It’s the tool that secures extra repair work while the vehicle is on the premises.“

Timing is vital, so while the vehicle is actually in the workshop extra revenue must be generated, rather than identifying tasks on paper for some future job, hoping the customer returns. Navigator’s eVHC system enables urgent tasks to be agreed by the customer immediately and added to the current job sheet.  And the customer’s next visit is in the diary before they leave or decide to go to a fast fit rival.”

Verona says the extra profit figures came from a recent exercise, where a nationwide dealership group needed to improve the eVHC performance of its lowest-performing outlets.

“They produced encouraging results,” explains Verona.  “The number of VHCs conducted rose by 17% with the value of the work identified increasing by 54% and the value of the work actually sold delivering an impressive 70% increase.

“This equates to an annualised increase of around £0.83 million, achieved just through better training and a more focussed approach to VHCs as an income source.“By adding photo and video capabilities to our eVHC system even higher conversion rates are achieved as the customer can see the task requiring attention and gives the go-ahead more readily.

“The eVHC must be fully integrated into the dealer’s DMS so it’s simple for staff to use within a business process rather than as an add-on.  This reduces admin and keeps the entire sales and service operation co-ordinated.”

If you’d like to know more about Auto VHC, CLICK HERE or call the DMS team now on 0845 686 2300

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