Navigator Helps Mazda Dealers Get More from Vantage Point

Mazda dealerships got a marketing boost recently, when the marque introduced a brand new system called Mazda Vantage Point. The system is designed to help dealers maximise their opportunities, byemailing and texting special promotions directly to customers captured from  their DMS database.Now, we’re pleased to announce that Navigator DMS fully integrates with Mazda Vantage Point.

What is Mazda Vantage Point?

With Vantage Point, Mazda dealers can send official Mazda offers and incentives directly to named customers. Available promotions include those for aftersales, new cars and used cars. Mazda is using Vantage Point to help dealers promote specific models, such as the Mazda6, more effectively.

“Vantage Point can be used to alert [customers] to current offers ahead of the dealer calling to arrange an appointment to discuss their next car,” said a Mazda spokesman. “Communication with our customers could reduce, but it will be much more relevant to individual customers.

”More than 100 of the UK’s 160+ Mazda dealers have already signed up for the system.

Navigator supports the Vantage Point interface

Navigator now fully supports Mazda Vantage Point, allowing dealerships to access up to date data from their DMS. 

A key feature of Mazda Vantage Point is that it draws customer information directly from the dealer’s DMS. Dealers can search for customers by specific parameters, creating segments that enable more focused and relevant communications.

With Navigator’s industry-leading integrated database, which shares data across every business department, Mazda dealers are ideally positioned to take full advantage of Vantage Point.

If you’d like to know more about Navigator and how it works with Mazda Vantage Point, Contact Us

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