Open Banking Payment Initiative

DMS Navigator is delighted to announce Open Banking Services to it customers.

DMS Navigator is delighted to announce the integration of Open Banking Services to it customers.

The key feature that will be available will be Payment Initiation.

This allows the dealership to send an email with a payment link or display a QR code on the invoice which then links to the customers own bank to make the payment.

No entry of Bank details are needed.

The payment is automatically made to the dealer's bank account, and Navigator updated that it has been paid.

Simon Verona, MD at DMS Navigator says:-

"This is ground breaking technology for dealerships and allows them to take large payments, simply, easily and at low transaction cost with the funds being instantly available. It's amazingly efficient and easy to use, for both the dealer and the consumer and immensely secure"

See this in action below : 

This feature will be available to all Navigator users in the coming weeks.

In addition, Navigator will use Open Banking to reconcile the dealer's bank accounts and also to make payments to suppliers.

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