Team Building at Navigator

You can carry out Team Building exercises within the workplace but there is nothing like a good team building day out!  

Here at DMS Navigator we do two company funded events a year – one in the summer and one for Christmas, and partners are always welcome! Neither event is compulsory, and we always have a good turn out, so I think that personally speaks for itself!  

We like to do one in the summer as it firstly breaks the year up and it gives people something to look forward to! Generally, for the summer event we let the staff have a vote on what they would like to do so we can at least meet most people in the middle!  

Team building is a key part of business – sometimes it is overlooked but it is important! Why?

In a work environment we are all working to some sort of deadline, we all have tasks to complete so whilst we can socialise we can only do it to a certain extent without it impacting our work. We have our breaks but understandably, a lot would like to eat their food in peace, give a quick call to the other halves and see how their days are going, etc. So, there is a limited amount of socialisation that can realistically be done.  

Taking staff on a team day outside of work means they can let lose, completely relax, have no concerns of things needing to be done and just simply enjoy their time! They can bond with other staff on a completely new level and there becomes a well-blended team!  

This year we voted on a Zombie Experience – our Helpdesk Manager will tell you all about that shortly in the article. We also did a spa day for those that didn’t wish to attend the Zombies – which ended up a Navigator ladies’ day out which was fab!  

Spa Day!

So, the ladies of DMS Navigator set off to be pampered! Clearly, most of us not used to the experience trotted around a little like lost puppies, having to be directed to where we need to go! But we finally made it to the spa!  

We went off into our little dark rooms and all enjoyed our massages and facials! It was so nice to switch off and chillax! Afterwards we went into the pool area, chilled in the hot tub, and nattered away – “what gets talked about in the hot tub stays in the hot tub”.  

Afterwards we headed into town for a touch of shopping and a nice Turkish restaurant for some good food and great company!  

It was a perfect Saturday!  

Left Front: Trace, Left Back: Leanne, Right Front: Rebecca, Right Back: Kath

Zombie Experience!

While some of us sat having a spa day, the others were out fighting the good fight… against zombies.

We all drove up a dry dirt track in the middle of a forest, greeted by someone with a shotgun, is he American? We all thought.

We were told to get out of our cars and wait for further instructions, we were in the RED ZONE!

After being told to line up facing forwards in our groups, we were given our team names. We are ALPHA group. Not because we looked the meanest, or the most successful, but because we were the first group and it went A – B – C.  

Missions will be assigned for us to complete, competing against 8 other teams! Did we win? Nah, but that isn’t important in team building events. Having to work together to try and complete missions, while trying to keep each other alive was as exciting as it gets! All on one of the hottest days of the year might I add.

We were chased through a wooded area by zombies armed with a airsoft pistol and 12 bullets. These were to be used to slow down the zombies. One however could not be stopped called Titan.

Titan was armed with a chainsaw and ran faster than any of us, he was incredibly scary!

It was a polar opposite of the spa day the ladies were enjoying, but it was immense fun, roll on the next one.  


From left to right! Aidan, Perry, Ivana, George, Andy, Rahul, Matt, Kirsty, and Rick!


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