We're Back on Site

We're back on site and loving it

One of the things that drew me to DMS Navigator was how much I would be involved with customers.  

Socialising is one of my all-time favourite things to do! The ability to build a rapport and a trusting bond with customers is nothing less than satisfying.  

Seeing the satisfaction and joy in customers faces when they have achieved something brings a smile to my face and it is one of the best perks of the job!  

During lockdown, whilst converting the implementations team to a remote environment worked and we were still successfully able to complete installs, I longed for the days to be back out onsite! And here I am! Back out and living my best life!

Kath Stewart pictured at Summit Garage with John Newey, James Pittaway and Kara Vickers.

Whilst I can do my job effectively remotely, I still feel that from time-to-time face to face interaction is so important. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Meeting face-to-face is a lot more personal than on video  
  • You are better able to see a customer’s body language to know if they are getting frustrated/struggling with what they are learning and naturally be able to roll it back slightly to put them at ease
  • There are less disruption as other people can see the person is engaged in consultancy or training
  • You can more clearly demonstrate items when sat directly next to somebody  
  • You can build a more solid rapport and a trusting bond with customers  

I love building relationships with customers, to the point that they have every faith in picking up the phone and going “Kath I need your help, what would you suggest”.  

I can’t wait to continue getting out onsite more and more!  



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