Cloud computing is reliable, flexible and user-friendly. It adds real value to your business.

The Cloud advantage

Cloud computing is everywhere. Thank goodness. It adds real value to your business, not just because it saves valuable budgets, but because it gives you power and flexibility wherever you are. It’s so reliable, so flexible and so user-friendly, we all wonder how we ever lived without it.

Slash Costs

With your DMS and data served securely at the super secure Navigator Data Centre, you will never again need to buy and operate your own server. So wave goodbye to additional server software. Bid farewell to expensive and slow maintenance. Instead, come to our cloud and pay only for the services you need.

"Click Here For Business Growth"

Business growth is what you want, but it comes with logistical headaches. Like expanding your DMS and IT infrastructure. Well you can leave that part to us.  Our cloud can be upscaled, downscaled - even side scaled - with ease.

Drop The Downtime

Want to manage your data but don’t want the worry?  We all know that server crashes cause dealership disruption. Branch boil over. Customer carnage. So we don’t do that.  

Instead, Navigator’s cloud solution has three-level power, so power cuts don’t turn us off. Of course, duplicate hardware means duplicate everything, so data loss isn’t a loss to you. And our high-tech fire suppression keeps us cool.

And we’re always backing up, backing up, backing up. Uptime, not downtime.

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