SMS Marketing and Notifications
SMS Marketing and Notifications

SMS Marketing and Notifications

Keep your customers informed in the most convenient way possible. It’s easy to send SMS text messages directly from Navigator. Create a text marketing campaign and have it delivered in a few clicks. Tell a customer their vehicle is ready, and send other useful updates.

A winning campaign

Research shows texts are more likely to be read than emails or letters. And almost all of your customers can receive them. So there’s no better way to deliver your latest marketing campaign. Especially since Navigator makes it so easy to create and bulk-send your message to lots of customers.

Integrated and easy

When it comes to managing customer lists for your SMS campaigns, there’s really nothing to do. Navigator uses your existing customer database to manage everything for you. Customise lists using a range of criteria and send straight from your DMS. It’s that simple.

Always up to speed

Your customers want to be kept in the loop. They want to be told straight away when they can pick up their vehicle, the cost of the work and other important info. SMS text message is the fastest, most cost-effective way to keep them updated. Navigator makes sending text updates virtually automatic.

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