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Installing a new DMS system is hassle ? Right?  is it ? 

Web Integration is an Essential

In today's world, it's essential that your Online Sales Process is fully integrated with your in house systems and your "physical" sales process.

This means that it's a requirement that your Web site and other online presence is fully linked to your DMS and CRM systems.

Here at Navigator we recognise this requirement and provide a series of integrations out of the box that ensure that you are able to achieve this.  

How Long do I need to Keep my Old DMS after I install Navigator?

This is a question that many Navigator customer's have asked during their sign-up journey.

Nobody likes paying for something they no longer use!

Do we Integrate with Sage/Xero/xyz Accounting Software ?

We often get asked this question.

My first reply is often "Why do you need to use Sage (or Xero)?"

The answer inevitably is "because my external Accountant says I have to use Sage" (Or Xero).    

What happens should I decide to leave Navigator?

This is an interesting question to be answering in a Learning Centre for Prospective customers, but nevertheless it's something you ought to be considering !

Whilst we would like to think that you will want to be with us forever, the change cycle for a DMS system is somewhere around 7 years on average - so it's likely that at some point in the future you may want to move away from us. This may be due to a change in circumstances in your business, or maybe if you sell the business to another business that doesn't use Navigator.

Most DMS system contracts are relatively silent on what happens when you want to move away from them !

I'm a Motorhome/Caravan Dealer  - Is Navigator for me ?

Absolutely yes!

Navigator is installed in many Leisure dealerships - from small caravan/motorhome workshops through to multi-site, multi-branded Caravan and Motorhome dealerships.

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