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Am I financially better changing the Dealer Management System in my car, motorhome or caravan dealership ?

One of the key questions that any dealership makes is what is the difference in cost between staying still and making a move to another Dealer Management System.

Read our article explaining how pricing in the Dealer Management System for Car, Van, Motorhome and Caravan Dealerships works so you can help decide which system may be the best for you.

Why are some Car Dealer Management Systems more expensive than others?

Ill jump straight in and say that this isn't an article about why out Navigator solution is cheaper / more expensive than any other system.

In fact it isn't going to mention any specific systems at all.

When dealers looks at the Dealer Management software and review the marketplace, its very difficult to compare pricing.

Why might Navigator NOT be a good Dealer Management System for your Dealership

What type of dealership is Navigator not a good Dealer Management System for?

Telephone Integration

From a customer perspective, success is being able to speak quickly to the person they need to talk to and deal with their requirements as quickly as possible.

Integrating your telephone system with your DMS can be a fast-track way of improving the ability to deliver on this expectation.  



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