Why might Navigator NOT be a good Dealer Management System for your Dealership

Why might Navigator NOT be a good Dealer Management System for your Dealership

Spoiler alert :

Navigator isn't the best solution for all dealerships!

We know and understand this.

So why would you maybe not consider Navigator in your shortlist of potential Dealer Management Systems?

You're not a Car, Van, Motorhome or Caravan dealership

Whilst we have some Navigator users outside of these trades - generally we wouldn't consider ourselves a solutions provider for any dealership, independent workshop or sales outlet working in these areas.

The decision maker is not the owner of the business.

Navigator users tend to be "owner - driver" businesses - ones where the owner of the business actively works and runs the business.

We do have the odd user who doesn't fit this category but ultimately most do.

You have less than 5 people who would want to use our solutions

Our minimum system is geared to 5 concurrent users. The solution requires a per-user investment each month.

So if you have less than 5 people (sales, admin, customer services and accounts people) who would need access to our solution you may find its not for you.

You want to use a standalone accounting package

Navigator has its own integratal accounting system. It is tailored to the trades our solution is used in and has all the features that you would expect in a standalone accounting solution.

But, the integration within the package adds so much to the solution.

It is possible to use another Accounting package with Navigator but the very vast majority of our users use our Accounting.

You want to buy your solution outright.

Navigator is supplied on a monthly subscription basis.

It's possible to permanently reduce this subscription value by paying an advance payment (think about buying a car on HP - the higher the deposit, the lower the monthly payments) but its not possible to reduce the monthly commitment to zero.

The vast majority of Navigator users will now make a small up front initial investment and invest monthly from there on.

So that's who Navigator may not be a good solution for.

If you've got this far, it's likely that Navigator may well be a good option for your dealership!

In which case, you can use this web site or contact us to find out more about how Navigator could help you add efficiency, profitability and great customer service into your dealership

What type of dealership is Navigator not a good Dealer Management System for?

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Would not hesitate to recommend Navigator DMS.

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Lawrence of Kemnay
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