Aftersales Contact Manager
Aftersales Contact Manager

Aftersales Contact Manager

Navigator’s Aftersales Contact Manager (ACM) is the silent salesman who never stops working. Save money and labour with automated reminders and integrated online booking. Cut costs by around £4 per booking thanks to the ACM’s efficient, multi-channel communications. You’ll have more aftersales profit from less effort.

Never miss an aftersales opportunity

If you’ve ever been too busy to contact customers about aftersales – and lost sales as a result – well, wave those days goodbye. Navigator’s ACM knows exactly when your customers are due for a service, MOT or new tyres, and it contacts them for you. Your aftersales volume and revenue can increase significantly. And because it’s all automated, your staff can focus on other duties.

A smarter way to do bookings

Aftersales texts and emails link straight to Navigator’s integrated online booking system. So your customers can book direct from their smartphones. Bookings appear automatically in your schedule. And you’ll save time and labour on answering calls and making appointments. Customer satisfaction goes right up, along with your profitability.

Massively reduce aftersales costs

The ACM is very thrifty about how it contacts your customers. It starts with texts and emails, which cost just pennies. Letters and phone calls are needed much less often – but even then, Navigator’s dedicated Contact Centre and efficient mailing services save you money. Your cost per booking can be cut by around £4. And you’ll reach a lot more customers.

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