Online Service Booking

Online Service Booking

Online Service Booking

Your customer receives an email service reminder from you.  He reads it in the evening on his tablet whilst sat in front of the television.


He wants to take action now and book in.


But, you’re closed!


It’s essential that you can remove the customer from the “market” now and secure his Service Booking at this point.


This requires the ability to have a “Click to book in now” call to action in the email.


This needs to simply allow the customer to book in, and should transfer automatically to your DMS to secure the booking without requiring copy-typing by a Receptionist with the delay and potential errors that this can introduce.


See how Navigator does this by watching the video at the top of the page.

Take customers from service reminder to confirmed booking in a few clicks. Navigator online booking links with your DMS and website to make bookings more convenient and more efficient. Increase your conversion rates with Navigator.

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Press play on the video above !

Would not hesitate to recommend Navigator DMS.

John Macleod
Lawrence of Kemnay
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