What does a typical Navigator User look like ?

Is Navigator for my sort of Dealership ?

This is a question asked by most dealerships when they start to consider their options with regards to a potential new system.

Navigator is used by all types of dealerships ranging from :

  • Franchised Car dealers
  • Independent Car dealers
  • Car Supermarkets
  • Service only workshops
  • Caravan and Motorhome dealers
  • and similar dealerships such as Van, Truck, Bike and even Boat dealers

If you fit the above, it is quite possible that Navigator might be a great solution for you !

Press play on the video above to see more on the types of dealers we support.

To find out more, a Discovery Call is a great way of quickly ascertaining whether Navigator is a good fit for your dealership.

What does a typical Navigator Dealership look like ? Is your dealership one that is likely to benefit from Navigator ?

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Press play on the video above !

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