What makes for a good or bad Dealer Management System Installation ?

"That was a great installation !"

or "That was really difficult installation!"

Our team follow the same process every time with all customers, yet we hear both comments regularly.

So, what makes for a good, or a bad implementation of a Dealer Management System.

It's all about Staff Engagement and Management within the dealership.

It starts even before the dealer places an order for the new DMS.     Getting engagement from key staff members during the purchasing process and making them feel they make a difference in the decision making process.    

This moves key members of the team into being "implementors" of the new system rather than implementing someone else decision ...  

A new Dealer Management System has a major effect on a dealership.. There is lots to do, lots of issues that need to be ironed out on the way.

Good Project Management is key within the dealership - this will ensure that everybody knows what they are doing, what the expectations are and can pick up and help resolve issues as they occur.

Issues...  There is always something - from the minor "how do I do..." to "our processes don't quite work with the new system".

It's at this point that the attitude of the dealership team becomes key - those that are engaged and feel part of the implementation will see these as a minor hurdle and will be delivering solutions to these.

If not engaged, and if they feel they are simply implementing a system forced on them without consultation, then every issue is an opportunity to reinforce any "I told you it would be a problem" attitude!

The results speak for themselves.    

That's the simple difference between a good and a bad implementation!

Make it a good one!

"That was a great installation !"

or "That was really difficult installation!"

What makes the difference ?

Read our article to find out

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